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Our Products are all things artwork!

From various types, shapes and sizes of Artifacts, Smocks,  and Bead Crafts displaced on our HOME page and all other tailored requests that one has as an investor, we do not fail to register our works in your mind as products of your choice and value!

Call us – 233 302 313 197 or write to us and let us start business today!


  1. Animate Artifacts
  2. Inanimate Artifacts
  3. Male Smocks
  4. Females’ Smocks
  5. Children’s Smocks
  6. Beads Bags
  7. Beads Slipons.
  8. Wrist Bead Accessories
  9. Beads Necklaces
  10. Waist Beads ETC.

Our Business Interest Is In The Export Of These Product In Quantities To All Destinations Around The Globe.